creating your employer brand with Laura Tolhoek

Cindy Wagman
2 min readApr 6, 2021

creating your employer brand with Laura Tolhoek

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We often think about branding for our organizations as something that speaks to communities we serve and stakeholders we answer to. We forget to count our staff and prospective staff in that list. How is your organization speaking to current and future employees? On today’s podcast, Laura Tolhoek, President of Essential HR, shares with us how to build your employer brand and recruit and keep the talents your team needs.

Laura’s tips on building your employer brand

  1. Understand and clarify your organization’s value proposition to employees and show that in your job posting. What experience are you offering to your team? What are your values and what is your culture like? Answer these questions internally and make sure you communicate these in job postings.
  2. Build a pay compensation framework. This will help guide the leadership team in hiring, and if you are confident in your pay compensation framework, there is no reason why the organization cannot share salary range in job posting. Pay range transparency is what candidates look for as an indicator of the organization’s value in pay equity.
  3. Amplify what’s working and aligned with your employer brand. So often we focus on what is not working in our HR practice and our culture, and forget about things that are working. Lean into what is already working so well and amplify those aspects in your organization.
  4. Make onboarding a priority. The onboarding process can make or break a new hire’s experience. Don’t just hand off a bunch of documents and policies to the new hire. Make sure to have someone introduce the organization and be available to the person. If you are the hiring manager and you do not have the capacity, that’s ok. Assign this task to people in your company who are keen on doing this and love meeting new people.

Favourite Quotes from Today’s Episode

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“If you can provide yourself with the pay compensation framework that you’re confident in, and if you’re confident in those numbers, then there’s no problem providing those numbers to other people and include in job posting, because you can give the reasons why they’re there.”

“Anything to do with HR, top to bottom, is about communication. There is no such thing as over-communication in the recruitment process.”

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