building resilience with Komal Minhas

Cindy Wagman
3 min readApr 14, 2021


building resilience with Komal Minhas

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We’re so busy taking care of everything that often we forget to take care of ourselves first. How do we create space for ourselves in our day to day so that we build resilience in the long run? Tune in to this amazing conversation with Komal Minhas, a resilience educator with a mission to help people rise through adversity

Myths that Komal wants us to leave behind

  1. We need to build resilience or learn to be resilient. You’re already resilient. We’re all resilient by being able to live through life and overcoming difficult things. Believing that you already have resilience in you is the first time towards building an even more resilient system of habits and behaviours for yourself.
  2. We need to avoid burnout and low points in life. Instead, accept that we will inevitably experience burnouts and low points in life, and focus on when we do experience those difficult periods, what is the system in our life that will help us get back to baseline, and how fast.

Komal’s tips for cultivating resilience in the long run

  1. Celebrate what we have overcome. Celebrating moments that you have exercised resilience and perseverance to overcome difficulties is just as important as celebrating the positive moments in your life. Only when you start seeing and recognizing your incredible resilience that you can cultivate it further.
  2. Create space in your day to day for yourself. Are you reserving time and space for yourself to move, eat, relax, breathe? Be a better friend to yourself every day, rather than waiting for your mind and body to be totally burned out to step up your self care game.
  3. Cultivate your identity and wholeness outside of work. Find joy and fun things that nurture your soul outside of your work so that work and productivity are not the only things that define you and confine your life.
  4. Build wellness habits that you enjoy and have an accountability buddy or community. The key is to focus on wellness habits that you truly like to do. Start with small things, and try to find a buddy or a community of people to keep you accountable. That will likely make the habits stick.

Favourite Quotes from Today’s Episode

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We often say celebrate your birthday; celebrate the promotion; celebrate the good things. How often do we encourage each other to celebrate those difficult things? But it’s equally as important, if not more important, because we expect only positivity to be celebrated when in fact like that tenacity, perseverance, resilience we have for overcoming difficult things is really what makes those positive moments matter that much more.

“How do we cultivate a wholeness in our identity outside of work when we are confined to our homes. This is the challenge we face in this pandemic. And if instead of feeling victimized by that, we can flip the switch and say, I’m going to rise to this challenge. I’m going to make game nights with my friends online or with my family. I’m going to constantly move my body, I’m going to find pockets of joy, I am going to turn off my laptop at six o’clock. I’m going to set boundaries with work. We can almost gamify developing our wholeness, outside of our productivity, and for me that’s a big aspect of resiliency that we need to talk about in our work-addicted culture.”

“A lot of the anxiety we feel is because we’re trying to fit into other people’s boxes. Why don’t we just observe what other people have done and then build our own box for ourselves?”

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